Apple Box is an innovative, not-for-profit organisation set up in 2011 to pro actively address issues of community cohesion, educational attainment, skills development and behavioural change.

Our aim is to enhance the confidence, happiness, health and well-being of people and communities by engaging in areas such as the following:

Community Development

Community Cohesion

Child and Parent Support

Social Justice


Current Services:

ABC Drop-In

One to One Free Consultation on various issues affecting those who live in and around the Chapeltown area of Leeds.

Business Support - Consultancy

Encouraging entrepreneurship in the local area by helping new start-ups to manifest their dreams  and by helping going concerns to achieve their goals and objectives.

ROOTeD - Coming Soon!

ROOTeD is an exciting new concept conceived by those with strong community ties for the Chapeltown area of Leeds. An up until now vacant building will become a magnificent community arts hub and cultural centre - a true and beneficial resource by the community for the community!

Just some some of the many services that will be on offer will include:

Complimentary Therapies

Training Workshops


Community events

Tutoring Service

Room Hire

Kids Club

Saving A Generation England (SAGE)

This service was set up to support, enable and empower underprivileged children, in disadvantaged communities, to have a better start in life by assisting them to reach their full potential in terms of an improved schooling experience and enhanced physical, emotional and mental health.


For more information on the above services please go to the 'Our Services' page on this website!

Community Consultation

At ABC we have our finger on the pulse regarding the needs of our community members. This is because we view community consultation as more than just a simple 'tick box' exercise as we genuinely enjoy conversing with our fellow community members about issues relevant to them. We have also have a dedicated ABC Community Focus Group, consisting of community members, who we can call upon at any time for their highly valuable views, opinions and perspectives on various issues.


We also work with:

Heritage organisations, museums and galleries
Schools and education institutions
Early Years & Children’s services
Libraries, parks and youth services
Charities and voluntary sector groups, and faith organisations
Regeneration and built environment professionals.

Our work includes community engagement, consultation, capacity building and research. We work with deprived and disadvantaged urban and rural communities, particularly children and young people, black and minority ethnic groups, older people and disabled groups.

Apple Box Arts & Heritage – We engage people with local history, heritage sites, museums and galleries to explore their identity, heritage and sense of place.

Apple Box Place – We enable people to connect with and influence their urban and rural built environments, parks and green spaces and play facilities.

Apple Box Research – We connect local people in meaningful dialogue with stakeholders and statutory agencies, supporting the development of local policies, strategies and service delivery.