Our Services

ABC Drop-In

All are welcome to our free community drop in for a one to one chat with one of our team members for guidance on issues such as:

  • Parenting
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem
  • The pressures of daily life
  • How to set up and maintain a business
  • Training and employment

We meet most Wednesdays (call before coming – see ‘Contact Us’ Page) from 10AM to 12 Noon at: the Goshen 09 Centre (Dr. Hunter sold surgery) 178 Chapeltown Road, LS7 4HP.

We look forward to meeting you!


Business Support – Consultancy

  • Thinking of starting a new business?
  • Currently in business but looking to take it to the next level?

We don’t just provide business planning and strategy advice but we have a genuine understanding of the opportunities and threats faced by local entrerpreneurs that you will need to navigate.

We would love to work with you to achieve your goals! – Call now!


ROOTeD – Coming Soon!

ROOTeD is an exciting new concept for the Chapeltown area of the city of Leeds in West Yorkshire.

Services will include the following just to name a few:

  • Complimentary Therapies – courtesy of Calm and Centred CIC
  • Training Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Community events
  • Tutoring Service
  • Room Hire
  • Kids Club

The concept for ROOTeD was  born out of the need to establish a base of operations, making use of an empty building right in the heart of Chapeltown, from which various culturally sensitive community based projects and services can be delivered in response to demands from members of the community at grass roots level.

Spaces will be limited so if you would like to know more about any of the services to be delivered then please let us know right away!


Saving a Generation England (SAGE)

What is SAGE?

The SAGE service was set up to support, enable and empower underprivileged children, in disadvantaged communities, to have a better start in life by reaching their full potential in terms of an improved schooling experience and enhanced physical, emotional and mental health.”


The concept  for SAGE was born in response to the issues preventing some of the young people in the city of Leeds from reaching their full potential as a result of a problematic schooling experience. Leeds has since set out its vision for becoming a child friendly city. This vision, outcomes and priorities are captured in the Children and Young People’s (CYP) Plan for the city, which is the key strategic partnership plan amongst different organisations supporting children and young people. It is our intention that SAGE programme will contribute to this vision!

What are the SAGE objectives?

The SAGE objectives for disadvantaged children are as follows:

  • To improve their schooling experience
  • To enhance their physical and emotional health
  • To identify and address their mental health and well being
  • The provision of professional and culturally sensitive behavioural support

What does SAGE consist of?

The SAGE programme consists of the ‘Active at School’, ‘Breathing Space’, ‘Watch Me Grow’, ‘Teacher Support’ and ‘Parent Support’ services as well as a ‘Residential’ for both pupils and parents alike.

Active at School:

Physical activity is integral to sound emotional health and our  Active at sports programme has been built on our Breathing Space and Watch me Grow programmes.

Information from these programmes is then fed into the child’s sports programme assessment and our coach continues to use the teamwork model to support the child to understand and modify their behaviour.

Breathing Space:

Our complementary therapies provision, courtesy of Calm and Centred CIC, will adopt an integrated approach in order to provide therapeutic services for the family unit as a whole, with special emphasis on young people and parents. The therapies provided will help those struggling with conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety and tension, including a host of problems associated with concentration.

The various therapies provided can also help with sleep (insomnia), and promote an overall sense of physical and emotional well being.

The support offered aims to enable parent and child interaction that can include a range of suitable therapies and relaxation techniques that both parent and children can use at home as a self help tool. One to one complementary therapies/health and wellness sessions with parents are used to achieve a greater sense of well-being and reduce anxiety in a tranquil, sensitive and caring environment.

A full consultation is carried out on individuals before commencement with therapies.

Watch Me Grow:

The Watch Me Grow programme provides an opportunity for young people to engage in educational activity while being supported by SAGE staff to understand and modify their behaviour.

We use a team work approach which relies on each child functioning as part of a small group and slowly gaining an understanding of their own behaviour by seeing the impact it has on their team mates ability to perform or to feel happy as part of the team.

These sessions are run in close conjunction with the Breathing Space sessions where, if needed, the child and/or parent can be given further one to one support.

Teacher Support:

We provide bespoke advice, guidance, complementary therapies / health & wellness sessions and training for teachers working with children experiencing long term and consistent disengagement from learning.

Parent Support:

SAGE provides practical support for parents who complete an initial assessment aimed at helping to identify any areas where our workers can offer more specialist advice and guidance.


At SAGE we have a residential for both parents/guardians and children. These are separate events but culminate with both child and parent coming together either at various points of the residential, or at the end, to share what they have learnt. The process also allows parents/guardians and children to explore areas of their everyday life that might be having a negative impact on their relationship and the child’s ability to function healthily in their wider school community.

Residential’s take place at excellent locations across Yorkshire that specifically cater for this type of activity. children and parents have an opportunity to take part in a range of exercises and activities developed by Sage staff and consultants.

What next?

For more information about SAGE and how to proceed, we invite you to contact us without delay. You will find our contact details on the Contact Us Page.

We look forward to speaking with you!